’09 Aloha Hawaii Prints

Aloha InkSmiths,
I have had a very busy few days here in Kona! George and I put wheels on my press table so I can print in the garden on the studio lanai now. I also went to Amy Greenwell’s Ethnobotanical Gardens to join Jennie for the Native Dyes workshop early Saturday with about 20 other local women. I fold-dyed a few full sheets of mulberry with tumeric and kolea berries. That led into a weekend long monotype ob’session’ titled The Color of Water. I’ve attached a few May Day jpgs to share and images from my latest fiber opus, Lucid Dreaming: the Fish Vortex.

May Days make the world spin brighter. May we always enlarge the global narrative with ART!

Kathleen Abood
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Central Pacific Ocean

visit: http://www.KathleenAbood.com


2 Responses to “’09 Aloha Hawaii Prints”

  1. Strange. I too spent the day printing blue…

  2. May Day in Hawai’i at Hale Kapakai! Be a part of an international creative movement! Open Studio Workshop all day, Saturday, May 1, 2010. Come and print MONOTYPES with me from 9am to 4pm near Magic Sands Beach in Kailua Kona. Everyone is welcome to create and print a unique image! Bring paper and potluck and we’ll party, print and play all day! Please RSVP.

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