’09 Aptos/Santa Cruz

Printmakers enjoying the day…


2 Responses to “’09 Aptos/Santa Cruz”

  1. Nora Partido Says:

    Susan, thanks so much for opening your studio!
    It looks as though a great time was had by all.
    Great work everyone!


  2. It was terrific printing on May 1 at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery. It was also the opening day of our exhibition “The Russian House of Rest.” Silvia Carballo was in charge of the printing. The words in Russian say
    “Celebrate May 1.” After signing in, those desiring to print were given a choice of Kasimir Malevich inspired cubist shapes to ink up and place anywhere they wanted on the scored cardstock. They took the cards home as a souvenir of the exhibition. Many of the 28 people who printed had never printed before. Others, like Doug and Marge McClellan chose to print using stencils or another creative methods, but did make a print on the card with Russian words. It was a fun day and all 28 people who printed appreciated being able to participate in the event.

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