’09 Printmakers in Mexico

Printing in Mexico…. (from Glen Rogers)…Yes, we were printing in Mazatlan!
There were 6 of us printing in my studio yesterday – (Saturday) from 12 to 4.  I offered a free print day to those who have taken my workshop in the past.

Lucila Santiago
Ann Hankel
Kathi McKaw
Paul Pattee
Tracey Rickman
Glen Rogers

We were all so absorbed in our work that I only remembered to take some photos at the very end – and unfortunately – after downloading them to my computer, then erasing them from my camera – they disappeared!  So I am sending old photos of the participants – when they were working in the past. Hairstyles may have changed a little since then – but atleast you get the idea.

Thanks for including us in the Print Day!


One Response to “’09 Printmakers in Mexico”

  1. Nora Partido Says:

    Hi Glen,
    The hairstyles may be different, but the printing spirit is timeless.
    Glad you joined us for our Print Day in May.
    Until next time, happy printing!

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