Live Fully! Make Prints!

Wouldn’t it be great? Printmakers all over the world, all printing on the same day, knowing that they are sharing the experience with others…
Join the MPC Fine Art Print Club for a Print Day in May! Just make the commitment to print somewhere, somehow, on Saturday May 2.

Send your stories and your photos to Jennifer:

Send you website and we will post it as a link as well.

A page will be made on this blog about your Print Day!

Have fun! Live Fully! Make Prints!

A gallery of prints at MPC Print Club

A gallery of prints at MPC Print Club


8 Responses to “Live Fully! Make Prints!”

  1. I haven’t used a blog before. But with the suggestion of the MPC group I opened my studio Saterday to three other printmakers. We had a great day here in Aptos, California at Two Hat Studios. I have pictures of our printing. Howe do I go about sending them within this format?

  2. Robin, this sounds wonderful!!!!
    I am performing that night at Actor’s Theatre, so realistically, I’ll probably be busy preparing for that.
    Have a wonderful day printing!!!!!!!

  3. May 7 is coming right up!!!!
    Make your printing plans now, and let us know where you will be.
    Happy printing.

  4. hi…printed a monotype on plex/hotpress paper…scene of the lovely aegean sea and tile rooftops… best to all…Galen

  5. We’ve been printing some words and making some performance at the beach, in Rosario (Argentina) by the Paraná River… How can I share some photos? Let me know…

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