For Int’l Print Day, I extended an invitation to those who have taken my workshop in the past to join me in the studio today.
Claudia Gallardo from Culiacan and Ann Hankel who lives here in Mazatlan printed with me.
We worked from noon to 5pm.  I had thought there were more folks coming – guess they went to the beach instead!
But it worked out well, more room for us!

I put a gold transparency over a print I made last week (the “Glen Glow”, as Robynn calls it) and also created a new piece – the last in the series inspired by the petroglyhs at Las Labradas.
The prints will be shown at Blueseed Studios in Saranac Lake, NY this summer.  Claudia Gallardo took my weekend intensive workshop in March. She’s a painter and has really taken to the monotype process. She made a very handsome piece using the photo transfer process plus 2 other prints that she was happy with. Ann Hankel participated in the Print Day last year.  Today she created 2 small monotypes inspired by an American Indian motif plus another, a textured background that she will use in a collage.


One Response to “Mexico”

  1. nora Partido Says:

    Hi Glen!!!
    I’m glad that you, Claudia and Ann printed yesterday. Beautiful work! The “Glen Glow” is fail-safe.
    Happy Printing,

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