New Hampshire

May 2:

Ah, the morning after!  A cool and overcast New Hampshire morning, but we four (3 NEW) printers are gloating a bit over our product from yesterday; now figuring out how to frame/where to hang it!  Phoebe Dog helped us celebrate my brother’s birthday last night; she howled, we sang (?)
love to all, Lynne

May 1:

Howdy all you printmakers!

My husband and I are visiting my brother Brian and sister-in-law Mary in Sanbornton, New Hampshire!  Their farm tops a hill and was constructed in 1793!  Our subject was a favorite old Yellow Transparent apple tree, which each year produces apples they transform into the best apple sauce on earth!
The local deer also enjoy the fruit of this tree.

Off for lunch, happy printing to all!



One Response to “New Hampshire”

  1. nora Partido Says:

    Hi Lynne,
    How wonderful that you and your family participated in the Print Day in May event. You should be gloating over the print of the tree. It’s fantastic!
    I hope you continue continue making art.
    Happy Printing,
    Nora Partido
    MPC Fine Art Print Club

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