Print: somewhere, sometime, somehow, on Saturday, May 1, 2010

Join the MPC Fine Art Print Club for a Print Day in May! Just make the commitment to print somewhere, somehow, on Saturday May 1. Send us a note letting us know where and when you’ll be printing. A phone # if possible. We will let everyone know who is participating. We can call each other, blog about it or just revel in the fact that we are all taking some time to do what we love to do.

Let us know where you’ll be printing!


13 Responses to “Print: somewhere, sometime, somehow, on Saturday, May 1, 2010”

  1. Please leave messages for those printing on May 1. We want to connect!!!!!

  2. Absolutely. I do plan on Printing, on Saturday, May 1, in my summer studio, in Midcoast, Maine. In 1973, I was watching my cousin, Ron Turcotte, and Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby! I plan on submitting the link to all my Printmaking friends. All my best. -Joel LeVasseur, Damarisoctta, Maine (I don’t have a phone in my studio, but will know that we are all in this together.)

  3. May Day in Hawai’i at Hale Kapakai! Open Studio Workshop all day Saturday, May 1, 2010. Come and print MONOTYPES with me from 9am to 4pm near Magic Sands Beach in Kailua Kona. Everyone is welcome to create and print a unique image! Bring paper and potluck and we’ll party, print and play all day! Please RSVP.

  4. The list to date-April 27. Please add on!!!!!!

    Monterey Bay Area, California
    Robynn Smith
    Janis O’Driscoll
    Susie Berteaux
    Susan Howe
    Patricia Savich-Colman
    Diana Paul
    Mary Weeks
    Kathleen Biersteker
    Judy Parham
    Josh Daniel
    Georgia Sears
    Carol Shields
    Eva Bernstein
    Carrie Hofer Grissim
    Margaret Niven
    Francine Marie-Sheppard
    Alba Iris Vaz
    Stacy Frank
    Peter Hiller
    Joanne Ratcliffe
    Sandy Jordan
    Mouse Smith-Shapiro
    Equinox Studio-Evelyn Klein and Louise Bloom
    Bella Dune Studio – Jen Anderson, Denese Sanders, Nora Partido

    South Bay Area, California
    Tessie Sharaga
    Fanny Retsek
    Jeanette Smith
    Karen Palamos

    San Francisco Bay Area, California
    Toru Sugita
    Ken Tarr
    Daisy Eneix
    Graphic Arts Workshop
    Snow Studios- Maryly Snow, Lorraine Capparell
    Carol Abbe ( Sacramento)

    Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia
    Rich Gere
    Shelley DuBois

    University of Northern Texas
    Lari Radabaugh Gibbons

    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
    Kathleen Abood and workshop participants

    Bozeman, Montana
    Carol Montgomery-Bozeman, MT

    White River Junction, Vermont
    Two Rivers Studio

    Damariscotta, Maine
    Joel LeVasseur

    Mazatlan, Mexico
    Glen Rogers
    Billie Houtmann

    Magpie Studios, Sandra Starkey Simon-Adelaide, Australia
    LARQ Studio, Raymond Arnold, Queenstown, Tasmania

  5. I’m joining in. Very excited. Will pass the word on Facebook and Twitter. By the way, I’m in Tampa, FL now. There’s a lot of printmakers here too!


  6. repeatpress Says:

    Repeat Press (letterpress studio) will be having an open house as part of a citywide open studios – anyone in the Boston area is welcome to stop in!

    May 1+2
    Repeat Press
    9 Olive Sq
    Somerville MA

  7. will be printing all day in Los Angeles

  8. great!. Comment on the blog that day!

  9. I will be printing in San Francisco, working hard on a book project, all day long.

  10. Great! Send pix or comments if you can!

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