International Print Day has arrived!

It’s here! Ready, set, PRINT!!

In fact, it was already here in Australia (check out Printing Down Under to the right under 2010 Printmakers). What fun!

So, don’t hesitate… get rolling, get inking and have a great day printing.We want to hear all about it. Post a comment! Send Robynn Smith ( or Jennifer Anderson ( a summary of your day (we’ll make you a page)

Don’t forget to take pictures and send them along to us ( — jpegs are best, and be sure to reduce them!)

Happy Printing!


24 Responses to “International Print Day has arrived!”

  1. Happy Print Day everyone!!!

  2. 5 of us printing here at MPC. 1 person printing a woodblock, 2 printing copper etchings and 2 exposing photoplymer plates. FUN!

  3. two of us at the Ginkgo Printshop are screenprinting here in Seattle!

  4. Here needling an etching plate and will be dropping it the acid soon. Doing a demonstration on intaglio at the Getty Museum tomorrow!

  5. Janis O'Driscoll Says:

    Taking a mid-day break. Started experimenting with a new series this morning called Narrow Gate. Playing and enjoying the day.

    Will send a couple of photos this eve.

  6. Carrie Grissim Says:

    Francine and I are printing at my house. She’s doing monotypes and has blue ink all over her face! I’m screen printing cards for the club and plan to move on to aprons and tea towels. We just had a nice salad for lunch so I guess it’s time to get back to work or should I say back to fun!

  7. Fresh Live Plant Monotypes coming off the May Day Press in the Garden at Hale Kapakai here in Kona, Hawai’i. ALOHA MAY DAY!

  8. Bella Dune Studio coming alive today with Jen Anderson and Nora Partido in great printing form. We’re getting things done… but just finished a lovely lunch on the patio. Back to work!

  9. Thanks for organizing Int’l Print Day, MPC! We printed in my studio in Mazatllan today from 12 to 5. Claudia Gallardo, Ann Hankel & I. It was a nice mellow day, slightly overcast w. a breeze coming through the studio. I finished the last print of a series I’ve been working on inspired by the petroglyphs at Las Labradas. I’ll send photos of us working and more info to Robynn.

  10. Printing here in Houston, Texas! I was going to vary the width of the screen opening, that is leave less white space around the image. Well, when I started to print my squeegee was not wide enough to cover the area so I had to add emulsion to narrow down the image. Started with a red rectangle. Next I will alter the screen and print another color. Neat to know that others are printing around the world today.

  11. Just finshing up with the workshop. We had a very productive and creative day with two new printers pulling their first monotypes!

  12. JThe Kona contingent is just finshing up with the workshop. We had a very productive and creative day with two new printers pulling their first monotypes!

  13. Alba Vaz Says:

    Hi All!
    Having a great day printing; experimenting with new mediums and trying out an akua pin press for the first time. Thank you Robynn for letting me know about today…it got me in the studio again after a long (too long) hiatus. I’m going back in tonight and probably again tomorrow…can’t stop now! A perfect weekend for printmaking.

  14. I printed with Print Day in May founder, Robynn Smith at MPC. Pulled 7 great prints to complete my edition of “Morning on the Water.

    FUn, fun, fun.

  15. Janis O'Driscoll Says:

    This afternoon I had a little visitor. My cat Noah died last June but one of his kitty friends has the habit of visiting me from time to time. He came to check up on me today and while I was at the press, he walked through the aquamarine blue ink and left little paw prints on the worktable. So make that one person and one cat printing at my place today.

  16. I love this. I know we had dogs lined up to make paw prints today-this makes me all too aware that I didn’t include my own cat in the festivities. Yikes. She’s probably spitting mad… Emu- I apologize.

  17. Lynne Simpson Says:

    Ah, the morning after! A cool and overcast New Hampshire morning, but we four (3 NEW) printers are gloating a bit over our product from yesterday; now figuring out how to frame/where to hang it! Phoebe Dog helped us celebrate my brother’s birthday last night; she howled, we sang (?)
    love to all, Lynne

  18. I completed an edition of 14 screen prints in Illinois yesterday on the last day I have access to the university studio. Today, I’m trimming them down and thinking about how I can do more work from home.

  19. Just sent you an e-mail, Robyn —
    (I’m not too savvy re computer maneuvers on
    much of anyhing else)…Thanks!

  20. Robynn and all you printmakers. We are here at Two Hat Studio in Aptos, CA.

    If I need permission to send stuff or anything…let me know what to do.

    Susan Howe

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