Ahhh… the day after

I think it’s safe to say that everyone had a Fantabulous Print Day in May 2010! Thanks to everyone who participated and shared studios, food and good times. Be sure to take a gander at all the comments posted here.  And check out (to the right) 2010 Printmakers Pages.

As I get through the inordinate number of emails and photos, I will get everything posted… it may take a couple of days. Keep sending photos and summaries (reduced jpegs) to rightfd@earthlink.net

Make sure you tell me who you are so I can create a page for you!

Congratulations to all!


3 Responses to “Ahhh… the day after”

  1. robynnprints Says:

    6 of us are still printing here at MPC! We can’t stop. Monos, chine colles, solar plates, etchings. ANother gorgeous day.

  2. Here’s my contribution. I posted my experience on my blog but will send my jpgs for this blog. Thanks for inspiring me. I’ve been procrastinating and this was a great motivator! Live Fully, Make Prints…..Indeed!


    Princess Rashid
    Tampa, FL

  3. Oh yeah, I even got my 9 year daughter in on the printmaking. That was Super Cool!

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