2011 Partcipating Artists

Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA

Robynn Smith
Beth Truso
Suzanne Boddington
Lori Beraha
Christine Mathews
Kim Munson
Joanne Ratcliffe
Carol Russel
Francine Marie-Sheppard
Ted Orland
Jonathon Wolf
Helen MacKinley
Julie Erreca
Mary Hancock
Pam Landram
Margaret Niven
Robin M. Powers

Evelyn Klein’s  Equinox Studio, Carmel, CA

Susie Berteaux
Ruby Nightingale
Patricia Savich-Colman
Nora Partido
Linda Marcellini
Diana Paul
Sharon Parolini
Pamela Takigawa
Evelyn Klein

Glen Roger’s Studio, Mazatlan, Mexico

Glenn Rogers
Ann Hankel
Nan Robb
Mark Jay
Ken Augustine
Claudia Gallardo

Susan Howe’s Two Hat Studio, Aptos, CA

Annie Pike
Dr. Bob Rocco
Mary Weeks
Georgia Sears

Open Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sally Ayre
Pawel Zablocki

Atelier Presse Papier in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Sam and Katah
Deb Taylor

 Graphic Arts Workshop, San Francisco, CA

Peter McCormick

Artist’s Proof Graphics Workshop, Greenbrae, CA

Sherana Harriette Frances

Two Rivers Studio, White River Junction, VT

Bella Dune Studio, Marina, CA

Denese Sanders
Nora Partido

Magpie Studios, Belair, South Australia

Sandra Starkey-Simon
Mei Sheong Wong
Andrea Przygonski
Christobel Kelly
Dilys Meldrum

Taller de Artes Plasticas/Devoto, Argentina

Denise Caceres
Irene Serra
Cristina Duro

Stacy Frank’s Westside Studio-Santa Cruz, CA

Stacy Frank
Rachel Barahal
Kimberly Parrish
Sarah Ory

ICA Print Center- San Jose, CA

Fanny Retsek
Karen Ehlers
Jan Cavecche

 Zea May’s Printmaking-Florence, MA

Annie B and 9 students

Vitamin Studio-LaCrosse, WI

Sarah Piper

More Participating Artists:

Barbara Johnson-Carmel, CA
Lynda Watson-Santa Cruz, CA
Susan Hillhouse-Santa Cruz, CA
Maureen Davidson-Santa Cruz, CA
Barbara Furbush (From remote location TBA)
Helen Gene Nichols-Taos, NM
Galen Hilgard-Greece
Celeste Wahl- Yosemite National Park, CA
Alison- Mackay, Queensland Australia
Leslie Holt
Renee Augrin-Damascus, OR
Sherri York-Salida, CO
Beverly Cooper-Duncan, B.C.
Bev-Gulf islands, Canada
Susana Arias
Kathleen Ahbood-Kona, HI


9 Responses to “2011 Partcipating Artists”

  1. I’ll be printing in the heart of the Rockies…. Sherrie York, Salida, CO

  2. Sign me up! I’ll be printing in rainy Damascus, Oregon!

  3. Andrea Przygonski Says:

    Hi May Day Printers,
    Magpie Studios in Australia now printing.
    Currently we have Sandra Starkey Simon, Andrea Przygonski, Mei Sheong Wong – expecting others soon. Its 10.30am Sunday morning here – the fire is burning, keeping us all toastie. Please let us know how to send images for upload to blog.
    Thanks – and happy printing!

  4. Andrea Przygonski Says:

    PS – Hi Fanny and Glen 🙂

  5. Well, the day is all but over. AND I printed at Monterey Pennisula College in Monterey, CA. This is day three of a self-imposed four day print intensive. And I have to say that I have made some real progress in learning the “process” of printing.

    Today I worked with a photopolymer plate that I made on Thursday afternoon. I had started printing the plate on Friday and used the results to inform my printing today. Tomorrow I plan to do some dry point and work back into the image… Robynn Smith is showing me how to do that.

    In addition to printing today, I helped Robynn with some photoshop stuff for her next set of plates. There is something wonderful about getting into the head of another artist. Coming from the world of photography and photoshop, I spend most of my time in solitude developing my images. It’s a breath of fresh air to live the creative process out loud.

    I will send some photos to Robynn to add to this post. In the meantime, I am adding this to my own blog with a link back to this one.

    Here’s to a great “Print Day In May!” See you next year!


    Robin M Powers

  6. Please correct the spelling of my name!

  7. Andrea Przygonski Says:

    Please add additional participating artists who attended Magpie Studios for Print Day in May.

    Andrea Przygonski
    Christobel Kelly
    Dilys Meldrum

    Thank you.

  8. I am printing all the time! i wish i had known I had company. j

  9. Katharina TRüB Says:

    I will make the 7th of may a SPECIAL printing day!
    Access to the studio is free, come in and print with me!

    Katharina from Portneuf, Quebec

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