Robin M. Powers

Well, the day is all but over. AND I printed at Monterey Pennisula College in Monterey, CA. This is day three of a self-imposed four day print intensive. And I have to say that I have made some real progress in learning the “process” of printing.

Today I worked with a photopolymer plate that I made on Thursday afternoon. I had started printing the plate on Friday and used the results to inform my printing today. Tomorrow I plan to do some dry point and work back into the image… Robynn Smith is showing me how to do that.

In addition to printing today, I helped Robynn with some photoshop stuff for her next set of plates. There is something wonderful about getting into the head of another artist. Coming from the world of photography and photoshop, I spend most of my time in solitude developing my images. It’s a breath of fresh air to live the creative process out loud.

I will send some photos to Robynn to add to this post. In the meantime, I am adding this to my own blog with a link back to this one.

Here’s to a great “Print Day In May!” See you next year!


Robin M Powers

Robin M. Powers

Robin M. Powers


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