It’s just about time for our annual Print Day in May!!

Hello Printmakers,
On Saturday May 7 (first Saturday in May), printmakers from around the globe will be doing what they love most-PRINTING!!!!
This is the 5th International Print Day in May, begun by MPC Printmakers in Monterey, California.
Please join us for this heady and wonderful experience. Do what you love to do, and know that art pals far and wide will be doing it with you. Imagine the feeling of connection, and the pure FUN of it!!!

To participate, all you have to do is print anything, anywhere, sometime between midnight and midnight on May 7, 2011.

To make it an even richer experience for all involved, there are a few things you can do:

1. Let us know in advance where you plan to print, and with whom
2. Let us know if you have room to host anyone
3. Send a message or messages to our blog:

An “intention to print, and/or an “I’m printing today-here are some pictures”, etc., goes a long way to creating community.

Print with us, blog with us.

Oh happy day!!!!!!


23 Responses to “It’s just about time for our annual Print Day in May!!”

  1. Equinox Press, run by printmaker Evelyn Klein, member of MPC Printmakers, in Carmel, California, will host for the second time “Print Day in May” on May 7th, 2011.
    We will be having about 10 participants.

  2. As a member of the Vitamin Studio in La Crosse, WI I hearby swear that I will be printing and not playing carrom at said studio.

  3. Greetings!
    Print Day in May sounds like fun!!
    so, we have put it on our schedule and yes, my husband, Sam, and I will be printing on May 7th simultaneously with all of you!

    we will be at Atelier Presse Papier in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
    There is an appartment there for visiting artists, and also, there is always room to stay with us…

    keep us in the loop!……Sam and Katah

    • evelyn klein Says:

      Hi Katah,
      I lived in Montreal for 27 yrs. before moving to California.
      I printed at Atelier Circulaire, Atelier de L’Isle, Graff, Graphic Guild and Graphia in Montreal.
      Good luck!
      Keep in touch!

      • Evelyn, what a shift from Montreal to California!…hope you are enjoying it. We also lived in Montreal for a while, but the prices of housing and also, the administration at Circulaire was getting a bit out of hand…in trois-Rivières, housing is much more affordable, when we miss the energy of the busy city of Montreal and all its accessible movie theatres and artists…we feel a bit isolated, but often, we go visit friends. A
        Are you in SF? – we have a good musician friend who is now living there.

  4. I’m in! Printing from the Heart of the Rockies on May 7…

  5. Tobi Ludwig Says:

    Dear MPCer’s
    Is there an open studio printshop at the school? How does one sign up?
    LUv Tobi

    • pinkdresses Says:

      Tobi, If you wan to print at MPC on Print Day in May, sign up for Robynn’s class “Printing from you Archive.”

  6. Janis O'Driscoll Says:

    I will be printing at home on my press on May 7. Last year I printed alongside the neighbor’s cat who walked across my ink palette and left lovely blue paw prints on the counter. I’m not sure what she’s planning for this year.

  7. I’ll be printing, either at my home or maybe with a friend across town.(Planning to do a few monoprints on Wednesday and overprint them on Saturday.)

  8. […] Why, yes! The first Saturday in May is International Print Day. […]

  9. I am one of a group of printmakers in Duncan, B.C. Today, the 7th May, I am busy cutting a drypoint, which I hope to print by this evening. The subject matter is “grandmother and child” – which is pretty appropriate for a Mother’s Day week-end ! And isn’t it time for grandmothers to be celebrated ?

  10. Today I will pull prints in my home studio, with gladness!

    Just found out about this fun event today, so I will be happy to participate. Printing from the Gulf Islands in Canada, and next year I will invite a friend to pull some prints as well.

  11. We’re doing a two-day class in Japanese woodblock this weekend at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence Massachusetts. Spent today, International Print Day, carving wood blocks. Tomorrow, Mother’s Day in the U.S., we’ll print them!
    Happy Print Day!

  12. I just read about this today, incidentally after finishing a linocut:

    Nifty idea to think of printmakers working elsewhere at the same time. I’m in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


    • pinkdresses Says:

      Why didn’t I meet you when I was at Open Studio Toronto last month? damn!
      Robynn Smith
      MPC Printmakers, Monterey, Ca

  13. How can i join in?
    MAybe next year. 🙂

    • pinkdresses Says:

      International Print Day in May happens every first Saturday in May. Be sure to mark it on your calender for next year so you will be making prints that day.

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