it’s coming up fast!

Where will you be printing on May 7, 2011? have you made your plans yet? let us know where and with whom. We want to know!


23 Responses to “it’s coming up fast!”

  1. I’ll be printing in my studio in Greenbrae — just me – my litho press & music! Sherana

  2. Hope to print at Magpie Studios in Belair, South Australia (… maybe also at Bittondi Printmakers Association, Aberfoyle Park, South Australia (the day before)…

  3. Printing-yes. Probably at my home, hopefully after a day of prep with a friend.

  4. Hi, my name is Denise Cáceres from Argentina. We are planning to print with Irene Serra, Cristina Duro and others that we are waitting for replay, and will post a bit later.
    At Taller de Artes Plásticas/Devoto from 14pm to 20pm.
    We loved your invitation to join these experience.

  5. Looking forward to hosting three other artists for some fun printing on Saturday in Santa Cruz, California.

  6. What a great idea … am thinking about getting out the old silk screen … have everything I need to do something fun plus, an old friend will be here for a visit, see what we can get up to in the studio! Thanks 🙂

  7. Oops… maybe I left this comment in the wrong place before.
    I’ll be printing from my studio in the Heart of the Rockies: Sherrie York, Salida, Colorado

  8. I’ll be printing at Atelier Presse Papier too. I’m “artist in residence” there for May. Is it ok if I put something about it on my blog ?

  9. I will be printing in my studio in Mazatlan, Mexico with a group of artist whom I’ve invited. Most come for the weekly Monday night Print Studio session; Nan Robb, Mark Jay, Ken Augustine, and Claudia Gallardo. We will be working from 10:30 to 2:30.
    Happy Printing!

  10. I will be printing at Monterey Peninsula College.

  11. I’ll be at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence MA teaching a two-day workshop in Japanese printmaking (moku hanga). Nine students will be joining me, so it will be a big celebration of International Print Day.

  12. It’s here!!!!

  13. Pawel Zablocki Says:

    It looks like I shall be able to contribute today by printing at Open Studio. If so, I shall email you some virtual proofs.

  14. pinkdresses Says:

    this is the first time I have attended to this particular day. I printed 15 small hand pulled prints of a sailing boat. At least one is favorable for display.
    I have yet to load photos , still learning this process of technology!!. courtesy of a printmaking friend.
    I live in Mackay , Queensland, Australia.

  15. We are having way too much fun!
    Lots of great prints…lots of good food including Linda’s fab cookies!
    WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and good stories about Robynn.

  16. Don’t drink & print! – Sharon P. (posted from Evelyn’s studio)

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