It’s here!!!!!!

We’re on! So exciting that we are all printing today, all doing what we love to do. Feel the power, feel the joy- PRINT!!!!!!!!


14 Responses to “It’s here!!!!!!”

  1. I’ll be printing today and enjoying the “company” of all of you fellow-printers out there!- Sherana

  2. Here I am at the ICA Print Center getting busy on the press!
    Hooray for International Print Day!

  3. Breann Beal Says:

    Just to set the stage for a very low-rent printmaking situation: The press is in my front room (had to kick my cat off it), my paper is soaking in my shower stall and my blotter is set up in the back of my car…

    Print on!

  4. pinkdresses Says:

    We’re having a blast, printing up a storm! Here at the MPC print shop we have photopolymer plates going, chine colles, etchings, drypoints, and monotypes. We’re exposing plates, printing plates, working on old prints and eating chocolate. Great day!

  5. Dr. Bob Rocco, Mary Weeks, Susan Howe and Georgia Sears are here….printing, eating, enjoying the sun and listening and looking at the Derby.

  6. I am printing with monotype artists extraordinaires Karen Ehlers and Jan Cavecche. They are working with stencils, drypoint and chine colle. I just pulled the last etching of a huge edition for artist Modesto Covarrubias and am going to switch gears and do some monotypes of my own.
    Print On!!!!

  7. pinkdresses Says:

    Just worked with MPC Printmakers new president Robin Powers on a Photoshop image for a photopolymer plate. Big fun!
    Robynn S.

  8. We´ve justa finished in Buenos Aires. Irene Serra worked with monocopia. Cristina Duro took a lot of proofs of her photopolimer matrix. And I printed gofrado from metal pieces that I found in the streets, and make a proof with color too.

    Sending you some photos to share.
    Nice day!

  9. Andrea Przygonski Says:

    Hi May Day Printers,
    Magpie Studios in Australia now printing.
    Currently we have Sandra Starkey Simon, Andrea Przygonski, Mei Sheong Wong – expecting others soon. Its 10.30am Sunday morning here – the fire is burning, keeping us all toastie. Please let us know how to send images for upload to blog.
    Thanks – and happy printing!

    PS Hey Fanny and Glen :))

  10. Great print day at MPC. I pulled several beautiful jewels that glow and sparkle and do a little singing and dancing too. Very satisfied. Thanks to Robynn Smith and the printers at Monterey Peninsula College for this awesome event.
    Margaret Niven

  11. kim munson Says:

    I had a great day printing at MPC with my fellow printmakers! I printed from a drypoint I had already etched, and had fabulous results. 🙂

  12. Some images on my blog,

    Across town, a friend has posted a linoprint on our group blog

    I’m off to cruise some other sites. Printing rocks!

  13. This was my first International Print Day and enjoyed the experience.
    Thanks to Robyn and I intend to cintinue with it. My print was from a lino plate about 13cm x 16cm and handpulled 15 prints.

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