Long Live Printmaking!

What a great day! Over 100 artists, from Canada, the US, Australia,  Argentina, as well as the Monterey Bay area, printed this year. Lucky MPC printmaker Galen  got to make prints while on a soujourn in Greece. Welcome to Taller de Artes Plasticas/Devoto-Argentina joining us. Keep checking back as we will post photos as we receive them. Keep printing and keep reaching for the stars.

Robynn Smith

Robynn Smith


3 Responses to “Long Live Printmaking!”

  1. It was a great Print Day in May with folks blogging, calling and printing all day! I managed to expose 2 photopolymer plates and put the finishing touches on the 7 large chine colle/monoprints I began last month at Open Studio Toronto. It feels so good to complete that suite!
    Thanks to all who printed this year, and thanks so much to Jennifer Anderson for the blog spot, and Beth Truso for keeping it alive!!!

  2. Hi everyone!
    I am planning on joining printmakers all over the world on International Print Day. May 5, 2012. I will be printing in my studio in Ashland, Oregon. I am delightedly printing intaglio plates fir my artist book for the Al-Muatanbbi Street Starts Here Project. I am one of 260 book artists from 24 countries who are creating artist books in response to a car bombing of the ancient bookseller street in Baghdad, Iraq in 2007. The response is to commemorate those who died and were wounded as well as to honor the power of culture and books which cannot be annihilated. Check us out at http://www.al-mutanabbistreetstartshere-boston.com

    Come join us– Make a print on May 5!
    Long live printmaking!

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